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Of Data Availability & Danksharding

Episode Summary

with @lera_banda @danboneh @rhhackett Data Availability Sampling and Danksharding is relevant to blockchain scaling, as well as to paving the way for more advanced blockchain networks and user applications. While much of the research-based discussion is especially applicable to Ethereum, some of the concepts we cover are also relevant to advances in computing and networking.

Episode Notes

with @lera_banda @danboneh @rhhackett

This episode introduces concepts behind -- and applications of -- data availability sampling (DAS), a key piece of the puzzle that could help blockchains like Ethereum achieve full scaling. A low-overhead technique that uses random sampling of data to ensure that all necessary blockchain data has been made available to nodes without straining the network, DAS features heavily in a series of planned Ethereum upgrades called "Danksharding" [named to reference Ethereum Foundation researcher Dankrad Feist]. The next Danksharding milestone for Ethereum is an upgrade called EIP-4844, known as "Protodanksharding" [also named to reference Ethereum researcher Protolambda, now at OP Labs] -- which is planned for later this year.

Our expert guests include:

...who discuss their recent piece on data availability sampling and Danksharding -- including a proposal they put forward to the improve current plans for upgrading Ethereum -- with Robert Hackett (a16z crypto features editor and head of special projects), based on a live conversation that took place recently on Twitter Spaces.

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