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State of Crypto: Trends, Data, More

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with @cdixon @eddylazzarin @DarenMatsuoka @rhhackett Key takeaways from the 2023 State of Crypto -- including data, methods, and trends; as well as discussion of trends such as infrastructure, NFTs, gaming, creator economy, energy, zero knowledge, and others. An in-depth overview of web3 trends and tech progress toward building the next internet.

Episode Notes

with @cdixon @eddylazzarin @DarenMatsuoka @rhhackett

An in-depth overview of web3 trends and tech progress toward building the next internet, this conversation covers themes from the 2023 State of Crypto Report. 

The first half of the discussion (from our recent Twitter Spaces), delves into data points and analyses: what’s behind the recent uptick in NFT activity and experimentation; the curious relationship between gaming (including on-chain gaming) and innovation; as well as challenges, and opportunities, in blockchain scaling. We also discuss the pace of advances in the field of zero knowledge cryptography, plus what new applications and products are now possible... including beyond web3. 

The second half (based on a separate discussion) delves deeper into the report’s methodology, especially behind the interactive State of Crypto Index data tool… finally zooming out on the big picture.

Guests include Chris Dixon, founding general partner at a16z crypto; Eddy Lazzarin, chief technology officer; and Daren Matsuoka, lead data scientist -- in conversation with guest host Robert Hackett, a16z crypto features editor and head of special projects. 

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